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Alo Magnesium Reset Spray
Besides relaxation-inducing magnesium, this lightweight blend has anti-inflammatory arnica, sleep-inducing valerian and botanical oils. (A few pumps rubbed on our feet before lights out, and we conk out really fast.)
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Canopy Humidifier
A completely reimagined humidifier that promotes healthy skin and alleviates symptoms of cold and flu.
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Eva Vibrator
You didn’t think we could make a wellness gift guide in 2022 without including a vibrator, did you? This one happens to be PureWow 100 approved.
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Clevr Superlatte Ritual Kit
Just plain coffee in the morning is so not today's self-care mojo. Give the gift of creamy oat-milk lattes boosted with superfoody adaptogens, probiotics and mushrooms that the wellness community loves for improving mood, reducing stress and upping energy. This Cali-based company makes multiple formulas—choose three out of four blends (golden, chai, matcha and herbal-accented coffee) to include in a set.
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Beast Blender
You'll like giving this ingenious blender set-up because it it's designed so that the blending vessel pops off and you can switch the blades for a handy carry top.
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Mercer 41 Yoga Ball Chair
Anyone who’s working on their posture will love this stability ball that can be used as a chair for WFH and a support for crunches during workouts.
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Figlia Non-alcoholic Aperitivo
When everyone else is drinking Cinar and sangria, those who don't drink alcohol might feel left out of the flavorful spring fun. That's not an issue if there's a bottle of this herbal, floral drink on hand. It's got notes of bitter orange, cloves and flowers, and the pinkish liquid looks festive poured over rocks, mixed with seltzer or enjoyed with ginger ale.
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Loftie Lamp
This simple Scandinavian-inspired lamp matches the natural rhythms of your sleep cycle. It shines as a reading light, then when it’s time to wind down, it dims to a soft glow. And in the morning, it doubles as an alarm clock, gently waking you with warm light.
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The Light Phone
Help your recipient take a break from technology with the Light Phone II. It makes calls and texts and allows you to listen to music and podcasts, but otherwise the phone is free of social media, clickbait news, email, an internet browser, or any other anxiety-inducing infinite feed.
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Higherdose Infrared Sauna Blanket V4
This is a game-changer for chronic muscle pain and body tension—a non-toxic sauna blanket that is inset with a layer of healing amethyst and tourmaline, as well as layers of clay and charcoal to generate negative ions and a charcoal layer to heighten detoxification. Users lay back for as little as 15 minutes inside this Velcro-closure heated blanket and voila, deep comfort.
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